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Straw Briquette machine advantage

The outcome of Straw Briquette machine is "biomass coal",which is used as feed pellet or fuel.This "biomass coal" is a new kind of biomass, renewable raw materials, clean and environmental protection is far lower than the price of coal, a wide range of application,the city's heating, heating, and hotels, bath, etc.Using of coal-fired boiler is not in conformity with the requirements of environmental protection, so can only use oil fuel boiler.And oil fuel costs more than ten times the "straw coal", high operating pressure on the industry.In recent years, the state vigorously advocate and support the development and utilization of biomass coal, successively building biomass power plants all over the country more than one hundred, and the production of straw coal cannot satisfy the market demand far away, market price 450-550 yuan/ton, formed in short supply situation.Straw briquette machine is adapted to all kinds of biomass forming, straw from powder to 50 mm length,moisture content 5-30%,straw briquette machine all can process.

Machine raw material sources available, such as rural corn stover, wheat, cotton stem and rice husk, peanut shell, branches,leaves,sawdust and other crops. Solid waste as raw material, after crushing pressure, add close forming form straw coal. After molding of straw charcoal piece of small volume, than major, combustion resistance, convenient for storage and transport, alleviate pressure because of many of the industry fuel short, the most important thing is that after burning little pollution to environment, accord with national standard.

Machine raw material sources extensive,low cost,more advantage, full automation systems, save time and effort, is window of biomass energy industry in the future.
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