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How to use the biomass waste to produce fuel?

In general there are two ways for making the biomass waste to fuel, one is  pyrolysis, the other is curing. Curing is now more popular and the technology is more mature. The principle for curing biomass waste as fuel is crushing the biomass waste to 4-8 mm, then pressing the pieces to briquette or block through physically squeezing. The pressed biomass fuel is high density, resistance to fire, smoke and pollution free. This kind of fuel is biomass pellet fuel .Below are the steps for producing biomass pellet fuel.The first step is drying. The request raw material moisture is below 20% before pressing. If the raw material water content is high, we need dryer.

The second step is crush. Because usually the biomass pellet machine die diameter is below 12mm, the big raw material must be crushed. Straw, wood log and cotton stalk need to be crushed. The wood flour and sawdust do not need to be crushed.The third step is granulation. The dried and crushed biomass waste pieces are pressed to block or pellets through biomass pellet machine. The big block diameter could reach 80mm. The small pellets are just 4-8mm. Now the popular is small pellets. The big block could not burn fully.The last step is cooling and packing. The pressing process is a physical squeeze. The friction could generate the heat. So the pellets are high temp. 
The pellets need cooling after pressing. 
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