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How to improve the straw pellet machine capacity

 The best way to improve the capacity is to buy a good straw pellet machine. Well under the same conditions , in order to improve the capacity of straw pellet machine, we have some methods.

Control the content of crude fiber. The crude fiber content is a very important factor in pellet making process. If the crude fiber is too much, the caking property is poor and hard to press. If the content is too less, it is also bot good for shaping. 5% content is the best. Please contact us for detailed information.
Add oil. When producing the pellets, we'd better add 0.8% oil. There are two advantages, one is to reduce the machine wear and increase machine life. The other is to make the raw material easy pressing, to increase production. While we have to control the oil content. We'd better add 30% in the mixing part. Spray 70% in the pellet making part. One more thing, if we use the straw pellet machine to produce the feed pellet, there is no need to add the oil. The animal could not eat.13% water content is available. The water content must be strictly controlled. If the water content is too high, the pellet is loose.
The above points are very common. These could make sure the capacity. If the machine could work normally, the capacity is absolutely not bad.
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