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What is the reason for the wood grain is not molding

Sawdust pellet machine at the time of pelleting, there will be a loose particles of fracture phenomenon, or even no particles, analysis its reason, the first is the raw material problem, the second is the problem device.
Sawdust pellet machine can suppress a variety of raw materials, the first material itself,such as sawdust, straw, paper scraps have different material properties, the fiber structure is different, the ease of molding is also different , difficult to press the material such as palm, and if  mixed materials, components of mix proportion can also affect the forming rate.And the moisture of raw material, we usually put the raw material of moisture control between 15% and 20%, of course, this value is not absolutely, should be decided according to different raw materials, such as fir, pine moisture control between 13% and 17%.
Second is the pellet equipment.Sawdust particles machine of the compression ratio.Compression ratio is one of the pellet machine mould parameters, refers to the length of the die hole divided by the aperture. The larger of the compression ratio, the template is thicker , the longer of the material compression, the particles forming rate is higher ,if the mold thickness can not reach a certain standard, sawdust particles is difficult to molding.
Yulong sawdust pellert machine adopts double mold, pressure roller adopts high alloy wear resistant materials, suppress the particles of strong and beautiful and high molding rate.Yulong quality, improve the pre-market after-sales service system, to strive for perfection. 
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