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Converting Biomass into Thermal and Electrical Energy

Biomass resources are renewable, but they are not unlimited. We must be prudent in how we utilize renewable resources, using as much raw material as possible so that nothing is wasted, and efficiently converting it into the highest amount of energy.

Biomass can be used for methane gas, transportation fuels such as ethanol and bio-diesel, electrical generation and thermal heat.
Biofuels use only part of the plant, resulting in a large amount of unused resources. Biofuels are also typically blended with petroleum-based fossil fuels.
Bioelectricity consumes the entire material, but converts at only 21% efficiency.
Biothermal energy consumes the entire raw material and converts at 80 – 90% efficiency.
With heat consuming 1/3 of our nation's energy, it's time to use biomass for thermal energy as well as use other efficient, renewable resources for electrical energy and fuels.
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