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Yulong Straw Pellet Machine

Straw pellet machine, piled straw is no longer a problem. Straw pellets manufacturers don't worry about straw pellets machine output, as long as adequate supply of straw.
In recent years, the rise of pellet machine industry, so many people come into this industry, acquired large quantities of straw. Some companies even go to the fields to help farmers harvest for free in order to acquire the straw stalk. Now, the autumn harvest season, hardly see the phenomenon of burning straw in the fields.
China is famous of agricultural powers, annual agricultural produced straw up to hundreds of millions of tons. Many manufacturers look up this a opportunity, throw themselves into straw pellets industry. Yulong machine perceived this new development opportunities 17 years ago. From the beginning of flat die pellet mill production, development, innovation to ring die straw pellet machine manufacturing, Yulong examine the supply of raw materials and the sale of straw pellets problem before investing. Nowadays, we don't have to worry about sales, straw pellets can both be used to feed cattle and sheep and be stored as fuel for heating in winter.

Because the straw is seasonal raw materials, resulting in lots of pellets' manufacturers to book it in advance. Yulong machine tips, straw pellet machine is not only to be straw pellets, switch to different compression ratio of mold and it can produce other materials such as rice husks, peanut shells, sweet potato plants, and so on. These can be pressed out of the pellets for feed and fuel. 

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