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Yulong Small Sawdust Machine Working Principle

Small sawdust machine is also called a wood crusher. It is used to the light materials, fiber materials, brittle materials, ductile materials, such as special problems of material grinding equipment. Feeding adopts belt transmission, saving labor and overcome the shortcomings of traditional vertical feeding mill, and accidentally into metal chunks to damage wood sawdust machine, improve the safety coefficient.

Sawdust machine is used widely in many industries and play an important role in many fields. Like wood flour plants, herbs, bark, leaves, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, wheat bran, and various edible fungi etc hundreds of difficult materials processing. It is also commonly used in industrial and agricultural production and other industries crushing. (Note: flammable material cannot be crushed). Wood Crusher is composed of coarse crushing, fine crushing and pneumatic handling components. The host crushing Chamber has 7-type knife, 1-type knife and a centrifugal knives, coarse grinding, fine grinding and centrifugal smash. The rotor working strongly in high speed gear driven by the motor. The blade and the material strong and repeated impact to achieve efficient crushing function. There are three kinds of blades, blades make high-speed rotation driven by motor. Materials in the air as the Blades rotate in the direction of blade rotation speed friction and shock. Three kinds of blades crush together, improves the grinding fineness and efficiency. The point about the role of centrifugal knives. High-speed operation of the machine left the materials, not blocking under the action of centrifugal knives, grinding more evenly. So when the centrifugal force is bigger than the centripetal force, and is collected with a fine set of particles with air into the flour, coarse particles enter the centrifugal action grinding Chamber continues to crush until you are satisfied with the size of fineness.

Yulong small sawdust machine wide scope. According to different production models, with the increase of mechanization, any material is processed before the finished product. Crushing is an important part, so our wood market has very large potential. Yulong product innovation, our equipment is never out of the market.

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