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A Huge Demand of Sawdust Machine in Paper Industry

Paper industry has a great demand for wood sawdust machine. As we all know, paper-pulp raw material is wood sawdust. But our wood resources fall far short of the growing demand for pulp in paper industry. In order to make up for the shortage of raw materials, imported a fair amount of pulp from abroad every year, which increased cost at the same time. Paper industry is limited because of shortage of wood in China, and slow development. It needs to look for new raw materials manufacturing equipment to be self-reliant, solve the original problem. How wood sawdust is produced, first of all we need to know about wood raw material. Paper pulp is processing, four main categories: Stem fiber, bast fiber, seed and husk fiber, and wood fiber. Wood sawdust is a kind of wood fiber, and it's the most important.

So, how to do sawdust for papermaking? If product and process large quantities of sawdust in paper making. Manual is not possible, it requires wood sawdust machine. Zhonglu Energy Company MXJ series wood sawdust machine. Its core with diamond cluster-tooth rotor and teeth are made of high wear resistant alloy materials, high efficiency, long service life, once molding. Wood Crusher can make the large whole tree once crushed into a few millimetres of wood directly without secondary crushing. Unique design and reasonable structure, easy maintenance, high stability. This machine can cut the trees, bamboo and wood, logs, lumber, twigs and other materials. Zhonglu also provides wood chipper production line, it applies a lot of sawdust processing plant.Widely used in paper pulp, wood chips processing plant, fuel processing plant, wood sawdust processing plant and so on. 
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