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Sawdust making machine implement the diverse use of waste furniture

 Sawdust making machine implement the variety use of waste furniture. There are many kinds of waste wood, such as furniture factory scrap, construction scrap template , wood waste products, forestry in some branches, etc., waste wood can be seen everywhere around us. Secondary use of waste wood can effectively reduce the pressure of forestry, reducing waste timber, also play a role in environmental protection. Sawdust making machine makes waste furniture looking to play his own value. Methods to use furniture waste are: direct processing of waste wood furniture then recycling, processing equipment is sawdust making machine, can crush wood waste to fine sawdust directly, then can press the last sawdust into pellet, or can also be used elsewhere. Currently in China, the old furniture can burn directly, also can make pellet before as fuel for boiler or civilian use, while the latter's utilization and efficiency than direct burning. 

Waste wood furniture After crushing drying and separation of impurities, can be pressed into particleboard or fiberboard regeneration. Both can also re-create new furniture. Also, it can make cement construction decorative plywood, gypsum wood-based panel materials.
In addition, the secondary use of used furniture occupies a very important position in the manufacturing industry in the mushroom culture also plays an irreplaceable role. We all know that mushrooms belong to the fungi,  sawdust is made from the crushed wood. After so some reports, we found that there are many using method after processing wood waste furniture by sawdust making machine.


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