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Future of the biomass industry

With the successive promulgation of the ban on coal in 2015, biomass pellet machine industry has been pushed on the cusp. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the nation's determination of environmental management, it makes our country's waste treatment, recovery and utilization of crop straw, furniture factory waste and construction waste disposal be sought after by the great majority of smart investors.

The feature of the bio-energy is as below.
1)It is an important renewable energy. 
2)It is low pollution.
3)It is wide range.
4)The total amount of the bio-fuel is very rich. The bio-energy is the fourth large energy.

The bio-energy could also take the large social benefit. It could reduce the pollution to prevent the fog effectively. It could also deal with the energy supply in the rual area.
Our high efficient centrifugal pellet machine is our patent product.Its vertical feeding reach the international level. Its double-layer die could save the energy. Its independent lubrication system could keep clean and unblocked. Its independent frequency converter could make sure the pellet forming rate.    
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