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Sawdust machine, to meet the needs of wood chips

There will be doubts when We see this topic , sawdust machine and hamster can have any contact? Before we talk about their relationship, we have a simple understanding of the characteristics of the hamster. The Widder hamster very cute, popular pets, his hobby a lot, many novice do not know this will make your hamster life depression.

Hamsters are territory animals, can not be a group of animals, especially the adult female hamsters, with a strong attack ability. The life habit of the hamster is the opposite of human beings. It is the night action, and sleep in the daytime, like darkness, which is also a kind of self-protection consciousness, they hide in the dark to avoid the attack of wild animals. When we observe the hamster will notice that the hamster is active in a layer of wood, for the wood, we have different opinions, some said that the hamster with sawdust to fill the stomach, and some say that heating. So what is the use of wood chips ? What is the relationship with the hamster? Yulong new energy to help you answer this question. 
1, sawdust can prevent the spread of bacteria, sawdust can retain the taste of the hamster itself. 
2, some of the wood chips can be deodorant, and hamsters like to dig holes, so put the sawdust for dig. 
3, wood is relatively clean, but also can keep warm. 
4, wood chips can effectively deal with the secretion of hamsters. 
5, hamster like rodent animal, their teeth are constantly long. They must keep their teeth and prevent the teeth from eating too much. To put it in order to make it use. hamster must be used to the chips, and the wood is made from wood chips, seemingly delicate relationship is related to the life of the hamster. In the design of the machine is unique, the structure is reasonable, energy saving, high efficiency, long life and so on. Can meet the needs of the hamster with wood chips. The product is a wood processing plant, biomass fuel plant and the most ideal of the hamster farmers to break the chip forming equipment. 
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