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Visiting XGJ560 bamboo pellet production line in Fujian

Eighth Station: we came to the Jianyang, which is  rich in mineral resources in the region, as well as "Bamboo Township," be said. Abundant bamboo shavings resources has played a catalytic role for the development of biomass energy industry. For example:  Mr Ding purchased two XGJ560 pellet machine in Yulong to process their bamboo shaving materials. 

Our after sales persons find one XGJ560 capacity less than 700kg/h, also the Amperemeter jump between 100-280Am. After inspection, more holes of ring die are block, roller loose, compression ration is small, materials moisture not evenly, most is high moisture and also stock too long time in the damp environment. Most materials are powder, the fiber be damaged, so that the out pellet is short and capacity lower. So Our after sales person help them adjust machine. 
Here Yulong company give 3 tips to all customers: 
Raw materials should be powder; the size should less than 2/3 of raw materials size; raw materials should 10-15%. only meet the above three conditions, can make good quality pellets. In the processing, Some customer don't according to pellet machine working conditions,so that the pellet machine capacity can not reach the capacity they required,but they will complain the machine not good. And also some materials be used by customer is mixed, wood pellet machine us for wood sawdust, but some customer use bamboo materials, also other king materials mixed, make the materials complex,making pellet machine capacity lower and also wear out the ring die mold. 
Kindly reminder: pls according to ring production processing, then can make high capacity and good quality pellets. 
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