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The analysis of wood pellets low capacity

Wood pellet machine is one very common biomass energy pelletizing equipment. For the questions during machine working. on the basis of many years of experience in production and sales ,Yulong company now analyze why machine low capacity.

First for raw materials : powder with no more than two-thirds of pellet diameter, moisture between 10% and 15%.Only three conditions meet at the same time, can make solid perfect pellets. The chance of appearing in the process of production of wood pellets production is low, it makes a lot of clients feel worry, they bought 2-3 tons per hour, but only produce 1.5 tons of actual . a lot of people in the case cannot understand and only complain bad equipment , make low manufacturer reputation due to some misunderstanding.
Investigate its reason, first of all is material. With increasingly complex biomass materials, business becomes more and more difficult, many customers use mixed and complex materials without the requirements of the manufacturer. many customers in the purchase of equipment said raw material is sawdust, but in fact mixed with some other substances, not only low capacity, more might damage the pellet machine mold. Second, the staff's replacement. pelletizing process is in a very dirty environment and  is very tired, this will lead to change mold frequently, cause low efficiency, reduce production.
A manufacturer is good, in addition to equipment quality, the most important thing is for after-sales service. Yulong machinery after sales team will teach each customer to install and discharge the machine, only really learn its technology , will be good to use. Yulong machinery professional focus on wood pellet machine professionally, Because of your support, yulong equipment will become better and better. 
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