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ETS pelletizer technology advantage

 ETS efficient particle technology, high density particles of 1350 kg/ton, moisture content of 25%, low energy consumption 60-90 - w/kg, 5% of the no molding, do not contain additives, two finale, production capacity of 1-1.5 tons per hour. Whole grain production process: with straw, for example, high density particles, from crushing raw materials to finish the whole line can achieve production 1-5 tons per hour or even 10 tons. According to different materials, straw pellet machine automatic production control. Dryer only 1000 kw heat and 50 kw can dry 5 tons of straw.

At first, all kinds of pellet machine is modified products, like flat die and ring die are: there are some defects in different degree of processing when the water is no more than 15%, low yield, grain under long-term inventory is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, the ring die later appeared to solve the disadvantage factors, the principle for example: if we want to insert a nail in the wood, the traditional way is to stress on the nail, nails, overcome the reaction wood nail into the wood. Modern technology using another principle: use a small hammer, several times through a single impact hammer rod end. This example shows that we can get higher rates of reaction, according to the final product (particles) get a higher quality. The proportion of about 1300 ~ 1350 kg/m3, larger to reduce air moisture absorption. Using this technique will have more heat to remove the moisture of raw materials, which can reduce the 8 ~ 15%.
And ETS technology can create a solid particles, can join the cooler directly or storage to dry. This method makes the production line makes more sense, at the same time reducing the demand for cold energy. Above all, a device can be made of different materials. Various control the humidity of raw material and reform of grinding tool, we can get the same quality products. According to the experimental results show that the ETS technology can use moisture content 25% of material particles, save 30% of its electricity, dry save 40% of heat energy.
ETS granulating technology based on particle machine before, based on the principle of more savings, minimize costs, after this is also a straw particles vendors would work on the direction of energy saving high efficient production, yulong mechanical products is a representative of the advanced technology and products, welcome general customers come to visit.
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