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Wood pellet production line delivered to Jiangsu Province

On 16, July,one wood pellet production line delivered to Nantong City, Jiangsu Province.

Nantong is located in the middle of Jiangsu Province, the north  of Yangtze river delta , "according to the will of jianghai, the conjugate throat" of the north and the south, is known as "north Shanghai". The characteristic charm city develop fast in economy, and in the field of emerging industry always run in the front.
With the development of biomass energy industry, Nantong biomass granule vendors would have also emerging, we this customer mr.wong is one of the entrepreneurs. He bought one set of 4- 6t/h sawdust particles machine production line from yulong . the raw material is building templates.This batch  Equipment including: XGJ850 granulating machine, wood machine, dryer, cooling system screening equipment, conveyors, dust collect and other auxiliary equipment
Mr.wong investigate wood sawdust pellet machine for some time, and learned about XGJ850 also, because of the yulong company  has already formed the customer base in jiangsu, zhejiang area, mr.wong got it so visited Yulong. Then mr.wong back to the factory and installed three-phase electric transformer. Finally come back Yulong to sign the contract with us..
XGJ series pellet machine is specially designed for a biomass energy by yulong company - centrifugal efficient pellet machine. Yulong machinery always stand in the perspective of market and customer production equipment, strictly the quality pass, to be precise, after-sales service reputation and credibility is the first-class, yulong selection is at ease.
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