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Why wood pellets hard to shape well

 Wood pellets are easily broken and loose during pelletizing process sometimes hard to shape well. Analyze its reason, the first is from materials , the second is from equpment. 

Wood pellets can press various materials , firstly from materials itself,wood, straw, paper waste etc with different fiber structure and charactor, pelletizing degree situation is different .such as palm fiber, it is hard to pelletiz. Others such as mixed materials. With different proportion ,pelletizing situation also different . And for moisture, generally we control between 15%-20%,of course not exact absolute, needs to ensure accordingly, such as fir,pain, its moisture should control between 13%-17%. 
Secondly from pellet machine. Its pressure ratio is one important parameter, means ring die hole length divide hole diameter. more larger of presure ratio, more thicker of ring die ,the longer of pelletizing time ,the better of shaping rate.if ring die thickness cannot reach into standard, wood pellets are hard to shape well .
Our pellet machine adopts double layer ring die,rollers adopts high quality alloy steel, pellets are beautiful and hard, high shaping rate. We have good service before order and after order, purpose is to keep improving .
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