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Polish customer sawdust pellet machine production line for delivery

on 25th, June, a client from Poland after several suppliers study, finally signed a complete XGJ850 wood pellet production line equipment.
The polish customer came to China half a month ago, he is very careful in the fields of inspection equipment, he already checked a lot of  biomass pellet machine suppliers in China, before to yulong, he stayed for several days in our peer supplier, but always felt some places not satisfied with, so accompanied by peer supplier's salesman, Poland customer came to YULONG factory. from the commercial office building to product exhibition hall, then to workshop, from YULONG's history to now the scale strength, from YULONG equipment quality to sales staff skills, he nodded with smile. Finally the Poland customers signed contract and make cooperation with us. On the way home, he tells us, he was reliable with YULONG company, he buys a steadfast and trust!
On 3th, July, the complete XGJ850 series wood sawdust pellet production line delivering, pls reference delivery photos:
Polish customer sawdust pellet machine production line for deliveryPolish customer sawdust pellet machine production line for delivery
 In 2015 has passed half, we have a good grades during the first half year, in the second half of the horns have sounded, we are full in confidence.With the brand protection, and support of customers, we are sure to play the most beautiful battle in the whole biomass energy industry!
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