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Bangladesh customer visit our company

In November 7th our Bangladesh customer visit our company. Our this customer interested in our XGJ560 pellet machine. XGJ series pellet machine is our patent products. Our company arranged testing the machine for him,after watched the machine working,he was very satisfied with our this machine. He said the outlet pellets quality is very high,he like it. When he return to his country,he will consider when will he order the machine.
In this year,the XGJ560 and XGJ 850 pellet machines are our star products. In September,there are 40 sets of XGJ560 and 30 sets of XGJ850 pellet machines orders in our company. Now all the machines are basically finish production. If you are interested in pellet machine. It is a good time for you,the production time will shorten than before.

Please leave your contact information and all your requirements to us, so that we could get in touch with you in time.