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How to Make wood Pellets

1.Gather dried sawdust, wood shavings or wood chips. Sort through the sawdust or shavings to match up the sizes.

2.Dry the sawdust or shavings in a dryer up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit to get rid of moisture. Pass the pieces through a hammer mill which will give it a paste-like substance. 

3.Put the substance through a press machine. The press machine will squeeze through a die that has holes. It will produce pellets.

4.Keep high pressure on the pellets. Make sure the press machine remains at a high pressure so it will ensure the wood to soften lignin (a natural bonding substance) and hold the pellet together naturally.

5.Cool the pellets. Put the pellets in a cooler at 5 degrees Fahrenheit of ambient air temperature. Sort through to make sure there are no loose dust particles or broken pellets. You should have only hardened pellets.
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