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Good Quality YULONG brand Pellet Press and Pellet Plant

Huge volumes of wood chip and waste wood is still be sent to landfill that could be used to produce a highly efficient and highly valuable commodity in the form of pellets. To make wood pellets you require a moisture content below 15%, higher than this and you risk blocking the pellet mill or just producing a poor quality fuel pellet. Therefore in this instance they need to dry this chip before it can be used in the pellet plant. They use a proportion of the chips in a biomass burner to provide heat for a large drum dryer, also known as a rotary dryer. Once the chips are dry they will be reduced in size with a hammer mill and finally are processed into pellets in a large ring die pellet press. As stated these wood pellets will be used in stoves and pellet boilers, however they can also be used for horse bedding and even cat litter. They also produce fuel briquettes, however these are only used for solid fuel stoves. You can actually use wood pellets in a standard solid fuel stove with the help of a pellet basket. Therefore here illustrates the advantage of pellets over briquettes. While briquettes have one use and one market pellets have multiple uses and therefore multiple markets. The wood pellet plant you can see in the video is a large scale installation. 

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