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What should be paid attention to use the new pellet machine

 1.A grinding, pellet machine. The new purchase of pellet machine because it is just the factory, only after a simple debugging, manufacturer only can ensure the normal discharge, users get a pellet machine, need to get up to speed (actually any machine has a period), officially before use for pellet mill, grinding is very important to reasonably. This is because the particles machine ring mould pressing roller is heat-treated pieces, in the heat treatment process of inner hole of the circular mould have some burr, the burr in the running process of particle machine will block the flow of material and forming, so the user should be in strict accordance with the particle machine the instructions in the manual grinding reasonably.

2. smooth and cooling process. The pellet mill roller bearing such as wood material extrusion into mold inner hole, and the raw material for the opposite the push to the front the process of raw materials, grain machine roller directly affects the shape of particles. Particles machine in normal operation, the pellet machine stick's high working temperature and pressure at this moment we need to do is to timely and reasonably to ensure the oil particles machine parts, the lubrication between the effective cooling measures to prolong the service life of pellet mill roller, which can guarantee the stability of the particle machine production.

3.Newly purchased pellet machine don't add too much for raw materials, a new particle production is generally lower than the rated output, such as a rated output of 1 t/h pellet machine, first depression one hour can only produce 900 kilograms, but in the future through the period after the production will reach the rated output of itself, the user at the beginning of the new particle machine production, don't be too impatient, feed to less.
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