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About Raw Material(Hardwood and Softwood)

 The difference between hardwood and softwood from a production standpoint is that softwoods are pelletized at a higher rate than dense hardwoods. This is why many manufacturers inject or blend in softwoods to its hardwoods, because it helps lubricate the dyes and make the production run smoother. Pellet plants in the Northeast are more commonly turning to blends, adding little softwood injections into its hardwood pellets. White Pine is one softwood that is indigenous in the area, and pellet manufacturers are seeing the positive effects a blend can offer, raising the heat value and lowering the ash content. “It actually runs through the mill better because the pine helps grease the skids so to speak in the manufacturing process,” says Sharron. “It helps oak pelletize easier, has better production per horse power and improves the quality of the finished product.”

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