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Input material selection for Biomass Pellet Mill

            When selecting the input materials to be pelletized, various factors need to be considered. Ash content, moisture levels, value and cost-effective availability of the input materials should all be considered.  

            The range of ash content in various biomass materials is across the board. For example, wood is considered to be the lowest among biomass inputs, while grasses and straw are higher.
            Moisture content is very important as well, the moisture range for proper pelletizing of biomass material is between 15%-20%. If the materials are green wood, usually up to 60% water content, will need to be dried. The dryer can be very costly, and proper thought should be given about whether pelletizing high moisture materials are worth. The drying expense is usually the make-or-break point in the decision to pelletize biomass.
            The energy value is highly important. Wood has value that ranges from 8,200-8,400 Btu's per lb. Other biomass material is nearly the same, or in some cases higher.
            The availability of a particular biomass input and its relative cost for transportation will dictate whether it is a desirable input. An inexpensive source that has a high value, low ash, an acceptable moisture level and is readily available would be a great source.
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