YuLong News

New Developed Wood Brick Crusher

  Yulong new wood brick crusher had developed and tested successfully, it mainly applied to small wood chips, pieces or bricks with nails. 

  Several month ago, Tai wan clients were visiting our company, they were going to order wood hammer mill & wood pellet mill. When we communicated their materials details, they told us their raw materials are the wood bricks with nails. According to their materials, should be taken out the nails, then crush the bricks to sawdusts, then make the pellets. In order to reach to clients' requirements, our technicians began to develop the new wood crusher. The new type crusher squeezes the wood bricks by rollers, let nails separated from crushed chips, then crush them to sawdusts. 

  At the end of this month, the new developed crusher, hammer mill and pellet mill will be delivered, wish the client is satisfied with our machines, and re-cooperate in near future.

Please leave your contact information and all your requirements to us, so that we could get in touch with you in time.