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saving energy and reducing energy consumption -New direction of wood pellet making machine

With the development of wood pellets industry ,saving energy and reducing energy consumption have become a new direction .  

Since China advocate low carbon economy, the market demand of wood sawdust pellet machine ,stalk pellet machine etc new energy equip,equipment keep high speed growing for long time  .

In recent years , producing and selling of wood pellet machine keep high speed growth,  China has become the biggest biomass energy equipment market in the world .

However,,because of the particularity of wood pellet machine itself, the machine need a strong power as support, in the formation process of wood pellets , need to consume large amounts of electric power, on the one hand, which are not accord with national request of energy conservation , on the other hand also virtually increased production cost of wood pellets .                                                                                  

Under this condition , saving energy and reducing energy consumption  are becoming a new developing direction of wood pellet industry.

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