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Biomass-energy Pellet Production Plant

Biomass is mainly applied to the waste of agricultural and forestry processing, such as sawdust, straw, rice hulls, bark and other biomass as raw material, through pre-processing and processing, press them to fuel pellets with high density, they are the ideal fuel which replace kerosene. The biomass pellets not only save energy and reducing emissions, with good economic and social benefits, is also an efficient, clean, renewable energy.

For the biomass pellet plant, it is earlier to start and develop in Europe. Because of economic crisis the two years in European countries, some biomass plants are delayed or given up at present. Conversely, the biomass pellet plants are fast developed in Asia, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China. First, there are large quantities materials source in these countries, be convenient to develop the bio pellets at any time. Second, the governments in some Asian countries had been aware of the deletion of nonrenewable sources, they encourage domestic enterprises to invest the plant, even government own invest the plant, meanwhile, attract foreign investment to implement the plant through some favorable policies.

Under efforts of some parties, biomass pellet plant as the up-and-coming industry in Asia is outstanding now. Sincerely hope the biomass plants make big strides forward, ecological environment is protected, green backs to nature. 


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