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How to improve the output of biomass pellet machine


Generally ,for the capacity of biomass pellet machine ,we give a range .many reasons can effect on the capacity .such as the power of capacity ,rotate speed ,size of rollers ,how to operate the machine is also important .

The followings we will introduce how to improve the capacity by auxiliary adjusting .

1.adjusting the cutting knife :different diameter of pellet have different length ,normally ,  length of pellets are two -three times as long as the diameter of pellets .
So we should guarantee a suitable gap between dies and cutting knife .

2.If we install feeder on the pellet machine , the rotate speed of feeder also can effect on the output of biomass pellet making machine .
Rotating speed of feeder decide on the output of conveying .so we can control and adjust the rotating speed of feeder to change the conveying output .

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