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Biomass Pellet Machine



As a professional pellet extruder machine manufacturer in China, We take our responsibility to our customers very seriously. 

The plate (die) and rollers are made from high alloy steel. Hardness is up to 55-60HRC, corrosion resistant. Of course, we also can make the stainless steel die according to your requirements.

The gear box of our pellet extruder machines adopts high-quality gray cast iron, which makes the machine low noise, well shock absorption.

Increased ribs and thick casting, greatly enhances the mechanical strength and completely eradicate the shell breakage problems of pellet extruder machine.

CE certificated electronic control system – offer you a safer operation circumstance.

Biomass Pellet Machine: XGJ560XGJ580XGJ850 XGJ880XGJ1050

Almost all kind of biomass materials are available for pellet making. For example: bagasse, fibrous waste, cotton, agricultural straw, grass, barley, wheat, paper waste, sawdust and so on.


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