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Rice husk pellet making line current working situations


On January 20, 2012, our Vietnam Customer SGREENER has succeeded to finishing the installation of the complete rice husk pellet making lines.
Till now, it has been six months, during this time, they have ordered many sets of ring dies and rollers, and the line is feed backed to be working very well.
So we hope when you consider to order the complete line, please consider to buy some more spare parts together, it would be much easier and cheaper together with the machines.

We also have the feedback that there are many customers consider to install the rice husk pellet mills or the pellet lines.
Because rice husk has many advantages:
The rice husk pellet is Rice husk pellet has a high calorific value, 1kg radiating from 3,600-4,200kgcal, it has small volume, low transportation cost, radiation high heat with pleasant aroma, particularly the waste ash after burning is very smooth. Rice husk pellet can be considered as members of new energy sources that can replace coal, if it used in thermal power production, the amount of heat can continuously generate enough power for components.

So if you are also interested to install the rice husk pellet line, so please be quick, as the market is being bigger and bigger, you will have much more competitors!

Rice husk pellet making line current working situations

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