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Client from Sri Lanka Visited Our Company

Our client from Sri Lanka visited our company on June 25, checked our pellet making equipments.

The client wants to use the rice straw to make the pellets, which are applied to the power station. Their rice straws were tied up in bundles, the moisture 10%-15%, required the capacity 3-4ton/hour. According to raw materials' information, cutter, hammer mill, pellet machine, cooler, screener and packing machine are necessary in the line. Because the client wants to cool the pellets by natural sunshine, and stock the pellet silo after cooling, so they don't need the cooling system, screener and packing machine.

During client visiting, the client see the operation of our machine, he is very satisfied with our machine, the pellets are also very excellent.

The client will go bank Sri Lanka on June 29, give the report for their boss, then give us the further process for the plant.

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