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How to realize sawdust raw humidity

As you know , the raw humidity of sawdust is very important to press into good pellets, but how to realize humidity ? it is very hard for newer, mainly two ways as below:

The pellet machines have two types pressing way : 1. Roller assemble moves , die stable . 2. Die moves and roller assemble stable .  

For NO.1  type pellet machine, it requires raw humidity 15%-20% ,through drying naturally or machinery cooling, the pellet surface

humidity will be about 8%-15%, this type pellet machine have strict requirement for raw material feeding humidity , generally we estimate sawdust humidity by hand feeling , if feel wet, crude, cooling and pasted when tighten sawdust in hand but loose suddenly when stretch hand. It means raw humidity is fit. The second way is to realized by machine outlet pellets conditions, if outlet speed is fast, temperature is very low, last pellet type is crooked and mixed with much dust, there exist much white smoke, it means raw humidity is too large; if outlet pellet temperature is high, outlet capacity is very small, outlet speed is very low, pellet is very short and machine has large noise or machine suddenly stops, motor is blocked , then the raw materials is too dry to press.

For NO.2 type pellet machine, it has larger scope of sawdust humidity, and will give off larger humidity during pelletizing process, generally it needs adding moisture to shape good pellets during pelletizing process, raw materials humidity requirement can be larger or smaller , but can not larger than 25%

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