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XGJ1050 large capacity wood pellet mill developed successfully


XGJ series High efficiency centrifugal wood pellet machine is Yulong company independent research and development ,our national patent products .which are  Yulong machinery to adapt to the development of wood pellets industry .

XGJ series wood pellet machine combines the traditional the advantages with ring die pellet machine and flat die pellet machine , create a new model pellet machine ,which are more suitable for pressing hard material ,such as hard wood , crude fibre materials .

Yulong XGJ series wood pellet machine is only Model :550, 560, 580, 850, 880, the five series, one of the highest capacity  Model XGJ880 capacity: 3-4 tons, with the improvement of the wood pellets demand, and market demanding for high capacity of wood pellet machine is also increasing quickly .

In view of this situation, we use a few months time, design, manufacturing, test the new type - XGJ1050 wood pellet machine, which capacity can reach 5-6 tons. We believe that our XGJ1050 will soon be put into the market.

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