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XGJ series pellet machine -more and more popular in Europe

On April 5th , our company's national patent products ,XGJ series ,efficient centrifugal pellet mill ,  XGJ 580 have been sent to Greece .

The quality of our large capacity wood pellet machine have been approved again by European customers .and what's more, the market in Europe is enlarged .

Vertical die , feeding vertically , die fixed ,rollers rotating ,double -layer dies,dual-use , high capacity ,saving energy ,and are applied to the material with low sticky ,low shaping material .supplying the gap of vertical feeding of ring die pellet mill at home ,and reach the international advanced level .

As the orders coming from France , Greece , Romania ,Bulgaria etc Europe countries,Zhangqiu Yulong machine company is opening every European countries' door by high quality pellet machine and best service after sales.

Please leave your contact information and all your requirements to us, so that we could get in touch with you in time.