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SKJ2-300B Briquette Making making plant


This simple group contain bucket elevator,mixer,screw silo,pellet press and belt conveyor.the capacity is 400-800kg/h,depend on your raw materials,the capacity is difference.
We tested it with coal powder raw materials,15%-20% moisture,press 13mm briquette diameter.Not only for the coal powder raw materials,but also for the carbon black, wood sawdust,straw and so on.details please check as followings,
We introduce into Germany advanced technic from 2000 year ,inventing China unique national patent flat die Briquette machines . They can press 10-30mm briquettes. mainly
applicable to crude fiber, such as: sawdust, all crop straw, rice husk, cotton stalk, paper,
peanut ,sun flower , palm fiber, plastic, rubber, home and factory wastage. It is confirmed
to the world market of renewable compression biomass energy demand.
2.Working principle
When rollers round, it will move the flat die round. By roller and flat die pressure and friction, making10-30mm diameter briquettes. The die rate (rpm and thickness )and pressure is the key part of machine, it will depend whether or not can press good briquettes. They are made by our CNC systems, we can make sure parts durable quality. Besides, we will design the die rate well according to your materials and can ensure machine high working efficiency.

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