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Comparison between Biomass pellets fuel and coal

In response to policy of our country's environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction,  to ease the pressure of coal resources , biomass wood pellet fuel appear , it is a better renewable biomass energy. instead of coal

Coal contains carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, and seriously damaged the environment, which have bad effect on human health . Compared with coal , wood pellets fuel are much better. it is a renewable energy, which the traditional coal and other resources can not be compared.

Some governments' department have banned burning coal, each city mostly have emission targets, if company exceed the pollution indicators .,it will be qualitative polluting enterprises .company will face the risks that be ordered to stop production .

Wood pellets fuel can slove this problem better  , now people's awareness of biomass energy have been from concept to field trips, we believe that new energy biomass fuel pellets will replace coal, and have a welcome in more countries in the world in near future .

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