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The Development of Pellet Mill

At present, New energy equipment is very popular around the world ! especially pellet mill.  In order to encourage more people to develop the biomass pellet production business, numerous government have granted various forms of incentives to help the businessmen to start making pellet as fuel replace of coal.

Along with the development of economy, energy shortages appear increasingly serious, in order to solve the energy crisis, reducing environmental pollution, and protect the ecological environment, development and utilization of biomass energy is particularly important. Straw particles machine is according to the market's needs, the research and development of a corn straw, straw straw, wood, wood, wood chip chaff powder agricultural waste as raw materials such as the pellet fuel molding machinery, this machine can be used to make particles of the fireplace, the boiler, the gasifier, biomass power plants use.
Therefore , we think the pellet mill has very big prospects .and our company has very high reputation around the world.

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