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More and more Vietnam customers buy big model pellet machines

Since 2010 year, the first Vietnam customer bought our SKJ450 model pellet lines, it works very well and the local market opens very quickly, at the end of 2010 year, two other customers bought big SKJ550A model pellet machine and XGJ 560 Pellet lines ,in 2011 year,other customers bought 5ton/h wood pellet lines and 3ton/h rice husk pellet liens, also some customers bought single pellet machine XGJ 560 and XGJ580 pellet machines ,

At the beginning of 2012 year ,we go to Vietnam to adjust the full pellet lines and visit most customers, now all big machines work normally, a great many customers are planning to install bigger pellet lines, more Vietnam customers came to our factory to check quality and talked big line contract.

Not only in Vietnam, but also in some other countries ,more and more customers are installing bigger pellet lines after do trail experiment, we sincerely welcome more and more friends to visit our factory .

Please leave your contact information and all your requirements to us, so that we could get in touch with you in time.