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Cottonseed hull pellet making -- problems of India customer worry about

For a project of cottonseed hull pellets making in India, although customer are more interested in our efficient centrifugal pellet mill, they worry about cottonseed hull pellets making in fiber material feeding. Because after their test in India, feeding problems risen for traditional pellet mills, as cottonseed hull mixed few fiber
To conclude this order, our India customer plan to come to see our centrifugal pellet mill dealing with cottonseed hull personally.
Compared to traditional ring die pellet mill, now the advantages of our centrifugal pellet mill for making cotton seed hull pellets will be detailed analyzed: 
1. Advantage of centrifugal pellet mill compare to traditional ring die pellet mill:
Structure and work principle: raw material was vertically as ring die was vertical installed, and then scattered evenly and continuously on the inner face of die by strong centrifugal force, under high pressure of grinding between roller and die, which helps the material to form into solid column with enhancing length.
Traditional ring die pellet mill's die was set on one side horizontal, lead to some fiber and soft material is not crystalline and not easily flowable so that difficult to enter into press room. Moreover, for die horizontal, without enough pressure for fiber material form into solid pellets, just because its structure, this ring die pellet mill is better for corn, wheat,soybean granules materials, because high specific gravity and can feeding flowable. 
2. Cottonseed hull characters analysis:
cotton seed hull admixed with small cotton fibers, will not crystalline and not easily flowable through pellet mill inlet chute.
All in all, after years experienced, centrifugal pellet mill is special in making cottonseed hull material and other hay, Stylosanthes, bulrush, reed and fiber material. Any more technics need to learn, please contact us, more technics or scheme in pellet mill field can be provided.

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