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The first successful case in Russia

The first successful case in Russia --- biomass enginery , warming and gasify power generating system integration.

On Sep,06 2010 , two Russia customers came to our factory and bought one 400-600kg/h sawdust pellet making line which contains crushing, mixing, pelletizing, cooling and packing part , after trail experiment , they successfully produce good pellets and in 2011 year , they bought biomass pellet stove for 2000m3 building warming,  In November , after our guide installation , they successfully they connect with the biomass pellet production line and warming stove systems.

On one hand , the stove contains automatically feeding pellets system and discharging systems, on the other hand the stove connect with hundreds of heading radiators inside of offices, on the third hand, the another side of stove connect with 2ton/h steam evaporation steam boiler, the boiler hot water can be used for washing,

At the end of December , they successfully install biomass gasification furnace, which will be used to generate power , the biomass pellets are used as fuel for this furnace, now they own a big furniture production factory, after installation all biomass energy ,stove and generating powder systems, , they make full use of the wood waste , produce power and warming by themselves, saving twenty thousands of USD cost per year.

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