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Qualified Pellets --pass quality test by Czech customer

Yulong pellets passed quality test by Czech republic customer.

Some pellets samples are sent to our Czech republic customer for quality test last week. The customer feedback pellets look pretty good, the density is high and moisture content fit to European standard. So that the order was concluded friendly and successfully.

Pellets quality refers to the density, smooth surface, moisture content of pellets. Qualitied pellets, with smooth surface, little or no cracks, and moisture content less than 8%. Once a quality pellet has cooled, it should be like a coloring crayon. The surface of the pellet should be smooth, and have a surface shine. If the pellet is cracking and expanding it is because there is too much moisture within the pellet, or poor compression within the wood pellet machine, so that Pressure of pellet machine, influence the finished pellets density directly.

However, how to test the pellets density? Try break the pellet against a hard surface, or trample on the pellets to see if the pellet stays intact, or to see if they crumble or easily crush and separate. Of course, the length of the pellet is not really important to the pellets quality. Normally, the pellets length is 15-25mm.

Finally, high quality pellet machine can be recommended for your reference. Efficient centrifugal pellet mill with high pressure for hard wood, rice husk and other low adhesiveness and low shaping materials, by adjusting pressure between roller and die, it fit for different pressure ration materials, ensure the pellets density. More details about this pellet machine, please send inquiry to our company.

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