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Biomass Pellet Mill

Biomass Pellet Mill

With economic development , more and more people emphasis on the development and utilization of new energy equipment. Now, biomass pellet mill is very popular in the world !
Many people using the biomass pellet mill to produce the pellet instead of fuel  ! the demand of biomass pellet mill is growing now . In recent years, with the decrease of coal, people pay more and more attention to use  new energy  equipment. The pellet machine's market is very hot.

But with the development of economy, the serious pollution of heavy industry would be restricted economic development burden, in recent years the country advocates low carbon environmental protection economy society, shandong province also advocates, in this context, the wood and straw in particle of the particles of biomass energy become mainly of the hottest new energy resources.

The biomass is widely applied used in the biomass –energy fuels plant, power plant. wood  processing plant, fertilizer plant, chemical plant ect. It is the ideal pressing shaping equipments with low investment and high profit. .

Our(ZhangQiu Yulong Machinery Co.ltd) have installed many “Complete wood pellet production line “.Such as Vietnam, India, Argentina, Lithuania ect . Depend on our customer's feedback: Our machine operate. very well. Among our customers enjoy good reputation.
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