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Pellet Mill-made in china

Our (ZhangQiu Yulong Machinery Co.ltd)is a professional manufacture to produce pellet mill, hammer mill, wood chipper ,cooler, dryer ect more than 15 years !Our machine adopts the essence of home and board ,Through many years improvement and innovation, all functional have achieved European level .
We have three series main products: Flat die pellet mill, ring die pellet mill, efficient centrifugal products.
Flat die pellet mill as our main products, It is mainly to make pellets as fuel instead of coal . It is belongs new energy equipment. The rollers of “flat die pellet mill” adopts “taper shape”. The taper shape rollers is our unique advantage. It reduce the friction between roller and die , increase the lifetime of spare parts. High efficiency machine.
Ring die pellet mill is also our main products. It is applied to make pellet as animal feed ,On the basis of absorbing advanced technologies domestically and abroad,the machine group has adopted mosaic rotating roller. During work process, the press roller can be adjusted at will .and all the function have reached advanced word standard.
Efficient centrifugal pellet mill is our patent products.The heart part adopts “double layer die “ as the unique structure ,The rollers are made by abrasion-proof alloy steel, improving the using life of spare parts greatly!It is applied  to make pellet as fuel .
And Our company has very high reputation around the world !  Today,  our products exported to Europe, South America, and in India, Hungary, Australia, Egypt and other countries set general agent, deeply received by customers at home and abroad and the favour.
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