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The Development Condition of Biomass Fuel

At present,the world all countries attention to the Greenhouse and the low carbon economy,more and more countries now have begun to change the main source of the power station,using the wood pellets for burning,replacing the coal for burning,this condition are especially remarkable in the west country.
The demand of wood pellet machine are increasing in these countries with machinery,for example,last year the percentage of exporting to western countries of wood pellet mills reach to about 20% in the total sales, in the western countries mostly customers buy small wood pellet mill for home use.
Because many western country families buy the wood pellet mill,and use the sawdust as raw material,then press wood pellets as fuel,by this way instead of the traditional fuel -coal.
CHINA SHANDONG YULONG Machine Co,LTD took aim at this goal, and the market demand,we put in advertisement in many foreign platform,promoting and advertise the wood pellet machine last year, more than 100 sets of wood pellet machine have been sold the international market ,we also research and  development of a new generati-on of wood pellet mill -- high efficient centrifugal wood pellet machine,which are very popular with customers all over the world.
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