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The Beginners Guide to Pellet manufacturer

How to make the pellet:(About the Flat die pellet mill)


Pelletize are on the base of machinery circular moving and use electric motor or diesel

engine as power to drive the driving-shaft. It passes gear to main shaft and flad die and rollers,which can make frictional temperature( between rollers and flat die) to about 70°C,Powder after high temperature pasted,coagulate,under pressure of rollers,they come out of holes of flat die,then knives cut them and final pellet formed.


The key of the pellet production-raw materials size


Different raw materials have different capacity,before pressing the pellets,the raw materials should be powder,that means,before pellet compression in pellet mill,we should crush the wood,straw, rice husk,,grass or any other form of biomass into powder,too small or too large,it will affect the pellet quality and increase energy consumption;


The key of the pellet production-raw materials moisture


The best raw materials moisture is 15%-20% for the pellet mill.too wet or too dry,

It will make the pellet mill stop or going out the powder through the pellets mill,the pellets will be soft and have rough surface.pellet production is a high temperature process,the right moisture content will produce the best quality pellets,reduce energy consumption and reduce pellet mill downtime


Add into Binder and Lubricants-raw materials 


Based on raw materials characteristics,soft raw materials have high grease,it is very easy to press and hold together,while hard raw materials have low binding powder,during production,not only enlarge the friction between roller and die,hard to hold together,but also reduce the capacity.so we suggest the user add some binder and lubricants into the raw materials,it will be easy to help press high quality pellets.

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