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What is new in 2012? The answer is Bio-energy industry in the world.
 From February 23th to 25th, Yulong biomass
pellet mills took part in the famous trading fair—Bio-energy China at China international exhibition center(Beijing).
 In Bio-energy China, Yulong biomass pellet mills are the brightest stars. The flat die pellet mill SKJ3-550 with taper rollers and efficient centrifugal pellet mill XGJ580 (vertical rinf die pellet mill) are our patents which fill up the blank of the country and achieve the advanced level.
 Biomass pellets, for example, wood pellets; corn stalk pellets, straw pellets are clean, carbon dioxide neutral and suitable fuel which is produced mainly by sawdust or agri-waste, pressed under high pressure without gum or other supplements. The biomss pellets are of cylindrical shape and normally their diameter is 6-10 mm and their length is 10-30 mm. Due to this fact, the biomss pellets are highly standardized and pressed, which allows for reduction of transport costs; they, also, assist the automated operation of heating and power plants, regardless of whether they are in one-family houses or are large power facilities. Due to their rapidly growing share in the market, biomass pellets are a considerable resource for the growing utilization of the biomasses in the word. They are, as well, an excellent instrument for local resources utilization, because, in material aspect, they contribute to environmental protection and control of climate changes. Biomass plays a strategic role in the achievement of such tasks, as particularly wood pellets appear to be a key technology with some specific advantages. The biomass pellets can be transported more cheaply and more easily, because of their high density, compared to other biomass forms, while, on the other hand, the high degree of standardization provides for exclusively low fuel emissions, even if biomass pellets are poorly used. The biomass pellets are also a very convenient fuel form for end users – they can be delivered by cistern-trucks or in bags and they are suitable to be used in automatic feeding systems, which makes them convenient for processing and time-saving, same as the systems, operating with gas or liquid fuels.
     Biomass pellets are becoming more and more popular instead of coal in the world. Our biomass pellet miss are your best chioce to make bio-energy. We wish to express our desire to trade with you in biomass pellet mill.













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