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straw hammer mill

straw hammer mill instruction:
1.straw Hammer mill is the most ideal grinding equipment of all kinds of wood peices,wood shavings,grass,straw,stalk,corn,weeds,soybean, PVC foaming board, rubber and so on.
structure reasonable, firm, durable, safe reliable, easy operation, the vibration small and the
efficiency is high. it is widly used in the professions such as energy pellet factory, cultivation
factory, organic fertilizer factory, Chinese medicine, chemical industrial and so on.
2.After smashed by Wood hamer mill, the powder size is from 2-15mm.we can make suitable
screener at the hammer mill bottom according to materials moisture and Characteristics.
3.The hammer mills can be used by two methods---positive pressure and negative pressure.
The negative pressure use which match with fan blower, cyclone, air lock, electricity control
cabinet and so on. This grinding system can use bags to collect dust in the grinding process.
And the positive pressure use which the fan blower will install before the cyclone, usually used
in the pellet making line.
4. The hammer mill capacity will depend on the material moisture content and the size of the
finished product you demand. The following capacity in the form is on base of making 6mm size

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